Alejandro Vassilaqui is the Executive Director of CEDRO (Center of Information and Education for Drug Abuse Prevention) in Peru and the President of the Board of Directors for DPNA/RIPRED. Mr. Vassilaqui also holds the following affiliations:

  • Member of the Planning Committee of Lima’s Local Government.
  • Member of a Vatican Interfaith Commission for Christian Unity.
  • President of the World Alliance of Young Men´s Christian Associations YMCA
  • Advisor to the Presidency and former member of the Board of Directors of Contradrogas (Peru’s Agency against Drugs).
  • Advisor to the Peruvian Council of Minors
  • Secretary of the YMCA of Peru
  • Director of Promotion and Development of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.
  • Executive Banco Continental of Peru.
  • Manager of EDUBANCO, Foundation for Cultural and Educational Promotion.
  • Fund of the Americas, Board Member.

Mr. Vassilaqui holds a Masters Degree in Social Science and has served as a Professor of Latin American Politics for the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, as well as a Professor of Group Work at the University of San Marcos. He also serves as a board member for the Fullbright Commission, member of the Advisory Group of the Inter American Development Bank (BID), Lion’s Quest board member and board member of the Drug Free America Foundation.

Mr. Vassilaqui is a fluent speaker of several languages, including Spanish and English. He has received numerous awards and is recognized the world over as an expert in drug demand reduction work with youth and communities.