The first Forjando Liderazgo/Forging Leadership event conducted entirely in English was held in Trinidad in April 2008 with support from the National Drug Council under the Ministry on National Security and local coordinator, Esther Best. This event was very well received, and there was a great deal of interest expressed by the participants to learn more about drug courts and other innovative drug demand reduction programs not currently being used in Trinidad. Social Development Minister Dr. Amery Browne addressed the crowd by saying “We recognise that the drug problem is multi-dimensional and therefore multiple partnerships and solutions are necessary." Browne added: "Now more than ever we need to stem the tide of human carnage that ensues from the culture of drug use" because it has continued "to pose a serious threat to the social and economic stability of many societies".

He said: "There can be no doubt that our current drug culture contributes to increased crime and violence, family dysfunction, school indiscipline, road accidents, homelessness and the spread of HIV."

The workshop was sponsored by Drug Free America, the Drug Prevention Network of the Americas, the Ministry of National Security's National Drug Council and the National Alcohol and Drug Prevention Programme (NADAPP). The workshop also included RISE Life Management Services from Jamaica.

• A Forjando Liderazgo event was held for approximately 55 participants in Port of Spain, Trinidad on April 22-24, 2008.

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