Ms. Abrahams is the Executive Director of RISE Life Management Services, a non-governmental organization established in September of 1990 as Addiction Alert Organization, with offices located in inner city Kingston. RISE provides primary and secondary prevention services for those suffering from addictive disorders and offers community-based interventions for Jamaica’s underserved populations. These interventions include educational, psycho-social, vocational and health related programs for inner city children, family and community members. In addition, she is the course writer and coordinator for an on-line module offered by the University of the West Indies’ Open Campus in Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment entitled “Adolescents and Drugs”. She is a guest lecturer at the University of West Indies, and for the Caribbean Institute on Alcoholism and other Drug Problems in Trinidad & Tobago. Ms. Abrahams is a Fulbright Scholar and Hubert Humphrey Fellow with a master’s degree in Health Sciences from Johns Hopkins University. She represents the Caribbean on the Drug Prevention Network of the Americas and is currently an Advisory Board Member, as well as a member of the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy. She is a certified yoga and pilates teacher and owns a studio in St. Andrew called Afya Yoga and Pilates Studio. Ms. Abrahams has been teaching for the past ten years and is committed to keeping herself healthy and balanced, while providing a peaceful and environmentally friendly space for students to de-stress and nourish their bodies and souls. She is a proud grandmother of two wonderful grandsons, Liam Anthony Frost and Noah Anthony Abrahams.