Mina Seinfeld de Carakushansky is the President of Brazilian Humanitarians in Action (BRAHA) and an Honorary Professor of the University of Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina as well as the International Coordinator of the Program Forging Leadership for Drug Demand Reduction in Latin America DPNA/DFAF. She holds Masters Degrees in Mathematics and in Management and is a graduate of the High Strategic Studies School (Brazilian Superior War College). She was an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro for 25 years. On many occasions, Professor Seinfeld represented two consecutive Mayors of Rio de Janeiro (a city of over 11 million people living in its metropolitan area) at international conferences and at working committees in Latin American, Asian and European countries. Professor Seinfeld speaks seven languages, has planned and coordinated more than 70 international seminars and conferences for various national and international law enforcement agencies. She was the first Head of the Drug Prevention Bureau (Drug Czar) of the City of Rio de Janeiro and when Special Secretariat for the Prevention of Chemical Dependence was established, she was appointed as the first Special Secretary. She has developed numerous drug prevention programs and has authored texts and articles about drug prevention, legalization, and Preventive Cities. She has received numerous awards; among them the highest Rio de Janeiro State Military Police Award (Comendadora) and the Euzebio da Costa Medal of the Municipal Guard of Rio de Janeiro. Professor Seinfeld, who was born in Romania after the end of WWII, was awarded the coveted Honorary Citizenship of the State of Rio de Janeiro given by the State Congress of Rio de Janeiro, 2002. In 2008, she received the set of Medals Pedro Ernesto, the highest recognition given by Rio de Janeiro’s Legislative Council. Because of her work in drug demand reduction, the local authorities of many cities of Latin America have formally considered Professor Seinfeld a Distinguished Visitor. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Drug Watch International, a member of the Board of the World Forum Against Drugs and a member, as well as a Special Advisor, to the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy.