Credentials: Dr. Eliseo González Regadas was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he completed a degree in Psychology at the State University. He went on to study several postgraduate courses and specialized in psychotherapy and drug addictions, particularly in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and therapeutic communities. He obtained the Latin American Certificate of Psychotherapy accredited by the Latin American Association of Psychotherapy (FLAPSI) and the World Council of Psychotherapy (WCP).

Teaching activities: Dr. Eliseo González Regadas is a Professor at the Catholic University of Uruguay (UCUDAL). He teaches postgraduate courses in drug dependency and he is supervising psychoanalyst at the Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in postgraduate courses. He is currently lecturing at different national and international postgraduate courses on the topics of treatment of special and difficult situations, drug addictions, therapeutic communities and prevention in the area of mental health. 

Consulting activities: He worked as consulting and organizational psychologist for different State and private organizations in the area of improving mental health conditions in working places and activities; in medical and educational settings of Uruguay and other countries.

Academic memberships: Dr. González Regadas was a founding member and member of different associations and organizations including the Uruguayan Association of Psychologists (APUU), the Uruguayan Association of Psychiatry (SPU), the Uruguayan Federation of Therapeutic Communities (FUCOT), the Uruguayan Federation of Psychotherapy (FUPSI), the Latin American Federations of Therapeutic Communities (FLACT) and Psychotherapy (FLAPSI), the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR), the Drug Prevention Network of the Americas (DPNA/RIPRED). He is President of CASTALIA (Society for the psychoanalytic study of societal processes) since its foundation in 1983. He has received numerous recognitions for his academic and preventive practices at the national and international level.

Congresses and scientific activities: He was and is very active in participating at different national and international congresses, workshops, symposia, lectures, etc. on the areas of his specialty: psychoactive drugs, psychotherapy, therapeutic communities and prevention in mental health. For example to mention just one, the first Forging Leaderships workshop in Montevideo, Uruguay, organized by RIPRED/CASTALIA. He was invited to various UNODC and International Task Force (GDPN) workshops where he actively participated. Dr. González Regadas is currently invited to lecture at different Congresses on Therapeutic Communities and Psychotherapy on topics such as treatment of difficult patients and family conditions; training of psychotherapists and staff members of therapeutic and prevention teams; and psychotherapy and prevention in national health systems.

Publications:  Dr. Eliseo González Regadas wrote two books: “Studies in psycho-diagnosis” and “Therapeutic Communities and Dual Diagnosis” and was the editor of: “Drugs, ethics and transgressions” and “Prevention and collective processes”. He published fifty two articles in peer reviewed scientific publications and wrote the prologue of two books.

He is a native Spanish speaking person and he can read and speak in English, French and Italian; and read and understand Portuguese.

You can contact him at the following e-mails: eliseogon@hotmail.com and eliseogon@gmail.com or look at Castalia´s webpage: www.castalia.org.uy