Since 2002, three Forjando Liderazgo events have been conducted in Chile, impacting an estimated 170 participants and their communities. In Chile, immediately following DPNA/RIPRED’s Forjando Liderazgo seminar held in 2002, a coalition of NGOs was formed called CHIPRED (Chile Previene Las Drogas). This coalition is thought to be the best example of success from the Forjando Liderazgo events. Several of the participants noted that this was the first time that they had ever really been brought together to discuss how their work in drug demand reduction overlaps and what resources they could maximize together. Chile poses great geographical challenges for these types of gatherings, and this meeting was a tremendous step forward for colleagues in this region.

Because of the Forjando Liderazgo events, an innovative and successful initiative was begun when a unique coalition of two cities was formed, one in Chile (the city of Arica) and one in Peru (the city of Tacna). Leaders from these two cities decided that they faced very similar challenges, had similar strengths and that they should unite their efforts to work together in order to achieve the same goals toward drug demand reduction. This unique coalition was begun under the leadership of DPNA/RIPRED member Rosa Icarte (the Head of the NGO CORFAL in Arica).

• A Forjando Liderazgo event was held for approximately 50 participants in Santiago, Chile on October 24-25, 2002.

• A Forjando Liderazgo event was held for approximately 60 participants in Arica, Chile on April 19-20, 2006. Local partner was the NGO CORFAL with support from Previene, CONACE and CHIPRED.

• A Forjando Liderazgo event was held for approximately 60 participants in Vina del Mar, Chile, May 28-30, 2008.

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